“During the Storm” The background with the choppy sea expresses a moment of chaos. This is accompanied by the lines that are in the foreground expressing the feelings of restlessness and nervousness that we feel during a moment in our lives when many thoughts come together and we experience a period of crisis and meanwhile the dancer tries to get out of that hard situation.


“After the Storm” The flowers that are blooming from the tree and the rainbow symbolize how, despite being in a bad moment, something better always comes.

Letting go_Alba Jiménez.jpg

"Letting go" The hand that vanishes and the rose that falls apart want to express how sometimes we have to let go something that isn’t going well for us because it prevents us from growing and improving.

"Train ride" It symbolizes how while we are focused on our thoughts during our day-to-day, there are other people who are dealing with their problems.

Fading_Alba Jiménez.png

"Fading" The fading dress and the psychedelic background want to express a chaotic moment and also, the crossed-out face wants to imply that when we are experiencing confusion, we do not pay attention to the small details, but rather we have a more general vision.

Sunrays_Alba Jiménez.jpg

"Sunrays" The rays of light, the colored flowers and the background want to convey a feeling of happiness.

Alba Jimenez_Unfinished.jpg

"Unfinished" The painting is made with marked strokes that give an unfinished look to the painting, it wants to symbolize that although at one point we do not know what to do, we must try to achieve our goals.


"Loneliness" Represents moments in our day to day in which we are alone but in a good way in which we find ourselves enjoying our own company. 


“Contemporary cottage”, consists of a little cottage situated out of nowhere and represents the isolation that we have experienced during the first months of the pandemic. The lines of different colors represent the rays of hope reaching us these days.  


“Lines on the water” try to represent the calm that nature has by itself, to achieve that, you can see a flat lake in the background, some mountains on a sunny day, and some lines that are in the foreground to give it more strength and harmony to the whole drawing.  

Magic_Alba Jimenez.png

“Magic” it seeks to transport you to a magical forest where you can breathe tranquility.


“Reflections” it’s a representation of the different textures that nature has. It can be seen reflected in the leaves, the rocks, and the reflection on the water itself.  

Connection_Alba Jimenez.png

“Connection” it is a portrait of the feelings we feel when we are in love. 

Electricity_Alba Jimenez.png

“Electricity” the lava falling from the volcano and the lightning that hits the water want to express a feeling of chaos.


“Stages of life” represents the variety of emotions that we experience during our lives and, although at some point we are discouraged, we always end up seeing the positive side.  


“Censored” is a criticism of the media. The bubble represents the knowledge and how it has been censored at different times so that society is indoctrinated and cannot generate critical opinions.  


"Polars bears" It's a portrait of what the future of polar bears will look like if we don't make a change today.

Alba Jimenez_Pollution.jpg

"Pollution" It is a portrait of what the future will look like in the oceans if we do not make a change today and continue with the current level of pollution.